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Live with enthusiasm

Published on March 29th 2019

"The most important thing in life is that the most important thing is the most important thing"

"The most important thing in life is that the most important thing is the most important thing"

In aProperties we have gotten into the car of positive thinking by the expert in positive psychology, Victor Küppers, who has delighted us with several lectures exclusively for the Group's workers in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid.

More than 250 people from the Afinance Group have attended the sessions in which they explained how to improve the skills to manage our mood and focus on what really matters: to be cheerful and good people. With his master class, Küppers, provided tools to attendees to reflect on what is relevant and has value.

In addition, Victor Küppers exposed dynamically, practically and emotionally the fundamental keys to develop the potential of each person. And its sessions revolve around principles and human values, the importance of fighting every day to be a better person and the need to live with joy, enthusiasm, enthusiasm, generosity and greatness both in our professional and personal environment.

Doctorate in Humanities and Bachelor of Business Administration and Management, he works as a consultant and trainer at the International University of Catalonia and the University of Barcelona, ​​as well as collaborating with schools and educational centers.

After more than 15 years dedicated to training and conferences today he has become one of the most influential professionals in our country.

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