The year 2015 marks the revival of real estate

Published on March 17th 2015

The International Real Estate Exhibition Barcelona Meeting Point has already booked the same square meters occupied in its 2014 edition

Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP), the only professional and international real estate exhibition in Spain, the meeting point of the sector in autumn in Barcelona, ​​faces its 19th edition with more optimism than ever due to reactivation being experienced real estate.

The signs of recovery shown by the Spanish real estate sector in the last quarter of 2014, which are being confirmed so far this year, they are making preparations significantly BMP 2015. To date, the 2015 edition of Barcelona Meeting Point already has booked the same square meters it had in 2014. BMP 2015 will take place from 21 to 25 October in Hall 8 Montjuic-square enclosure of Fira de Barcelona Spain and will involve major Servicers of Spain, and the largest construction and development companies in the sector with the largest supply of financing the moment.

After the clear signs of recovery showed the Spanish real estate sector in the last quarter of last year, 2015 is presented as the year of the final revival of the sector.

Between April and December 2014, as suggested by the INE, the real estate sector generated 90,000 new jobs in Spain and housing prices ended the year with an increase of 2.55%, according to the Association of Registrars of the Property. Enrique Lacalle, Chairman of Barcelona Meeting Point, recalls that "in the last two editions of Barcelona Meeting Point we were already saying that the sector began to show signs of recovery. I sincerely believe that BMP 2013 and 2014 contributed decisively to this change in trend in real estate with the contribution of a massive presence of major international investment funds. We are now reaping the benefits. "

The President of BMP, Enrique Lacalle, said "2015 will continue this upward trend in the property sector will continue to improve due to financing by banks, the largest foreign investor participation -particular and institutionally, recovery domestic demand due to the recovery of household economies and job creation, and the reactivation of the construction of new homes, as the stock in regions such as Catalonia, Madrid and the Basque Country is beginning to be reduced ".

Lacalle added that "a good reflection of this final revival of the housing sector will BMP 2015, where companies will have more participants, more square meters of exhibition area, more international investment funds, participation of major Servicers of Spain, a great deal funding, the largest real estate market, more contacts and, ultimately, more business for companies involved. "