Barcelona’s port, the best origin and destination

Published on April 02nd 2015

Barcelona’s port has been recognised by Cruise Insight magazine as the best operational port for turnarounds, and the best destination experience for independent passengers.

The award is based on the opinion of chief executives of worldwide cruise companies and evaluates the efficiency with which various simultaneous operations are carried out at the start or end of a cruise. The quality of service at public and private terminals is also taken into consideration.

In terms of volume of passengers, the Port de Barcelona again ranks fourth in the world as a home port for cruise ships, with only Florida’s Miami, Port Everglades and Port Canaveral ranking higher.

The award for the best destination experience for independent passengers (referring to those who don’t go on organised tours at the destination), recognises the appeal of the city and the fact that the terminals are so near the city centre. It also recognises the development of resources the city makes available to visitors.