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aProperties with the most disadvantaged

Published on May 24th 2019

aProperties collaborates with the Esperanza y Alegría Foundation, created in 2001, inspired by the spiritual principles of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

aProperties collaborates with the Esperanza y Alegría Foundation, created in 2001, inspired by the spiritual principles of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. It is characterized by its commitment to the most disadvantaged people in vulnerable situations. Without distinction of origin, beliefs, ethnic groups, cultures, races or gender, they try to transform poverty into self-sufficiency, promoting sustainable development and expanding the opportunities of the beneficiaries of their projects.

María Moreno, president of the Foundation, was a volunteer in different organizations collaborating on various projects since she was very young. This, together with the great luck of knowing Mother Teresa of Calcutta, inspires and encourages Mary to continue with a great humanitarian work for years, initiating projects even before creating the Foundation.

Little by little, they started up their own projects and their action spread to the southeast of India and to other countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. They also come in situations of natural disasters such as the tsunami in Southeast Asia or the earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal. In recent years they have been focusing their work on a smaller number of countries, with the aim of being more effective and efficient, trying to make their impact as great as possible. In this sense and taking into account the trajectory, experience and relationship with local partners, currently their greatest efforts are concentrated in India, mainly in the State of Tamil Nadu. We also carry out projects in Spain, supporting families at risk of social exclusion.

In order to do our bit, in aProperties we had the opportunity to organize a charity market in the office of Serrano Street, Madrid, where the idea is to collaborate with the money raised in the reform of 16 nurseries that the Foundation Esperanza y Alegría has in TamiLNadu (India). These nurseries were built in the 80s with low quality materials, therefore, these benefits will be used for their reconstruction and maintenance.

The charity action took place last Friday, May 24 and we call it the Bazaar of India, given the origin of its need. Although we could only count on them during one morning, the success was unbeatable, since the whole group turned to the purchase of different articles, obtaining excellent results.

Although it is the first year that we have had the pleasure of collaborating, our experience as a company has been very satisfactory; In addition to the excellent reception of the entire team, so we hope to continue doing this kind of charity events on many occasions.

As we indicated at the beginning of the article, aProperties is with the most disadvantaged, and that is why we are very proud that an Association with such prestige, has given us the opportunity to know a little more in depth their projects and of course, have let us collaborate in a way as pleasant as it was last Friday.