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aMagazine, the lifestyle magazine by Grupo aFinance

aMagazine is a lifestyle magazine written for its clients, opinion leaders and general audience, who share the same taste for the constant celebration of the lovely things in life, such as fashion, interior decorating, design, traveling, beauty, compliments, the motor world and high-end watches and jewelery.
aMagazine is a top of the line publication whose idiosyncrasy is luxury and everything that surrounds it.

Queridos amigos,

Mientras el otoño nos seduce con sus cálidas tonalidades, muchos esperamos la llegada de la próxima estación con ilusión. En aMagazine by Grupo aFinance damos la bienvenida al frío con propuestas de lujo a cargo de grandísimos profesionales. Propuestas que surgen del diálogo entre la creatividad y la naturalidad, la historia y el presente, así como del deseo de cambio y mejora y del desafío propio de todo reto.

Así, en este número nos hacemos eco de la seducción por las alfombras de Nani Marquina, diseñadora y emprendedora que no deja de fascinarnos con sus diseños de interior y desde hace poco también de exterior. También descubrimos el poder transformador del orden tanto a nivel organizativo como personal de la mano de Vanesa Travieso (@ponorden), nos dejamos sorprender por las composiciones cerámicas para mesa y pared de la artista madrileña Nuria Blanco o disfrutamos de la gastronomía histórica a la vez que actual del restaurante Sucede de Valencia.        

En Grupo aFinance nos adentramos en la estación otoñal habiendo superado los "deberes" que marca la nueva Ley Hipotecaria, tal y como os explicamos en estas páginas, y transitamos por ella con desafíos emprendidos por marcas de prestigio que confían en aRetail para su expansión.

Esperamos que la revista que tienes en las manos te envuelva en todo el entusiasmo que nosotros hemos experimentado mientras la realizábamos.

¡Que disfrutéis de este número!

Dear friends,

Finally, summer has arrived! It’s time to travel to exotic or familiar destinations, meet new cultures, share a table with friends and immerse yourself in reading peacefuly this number of aMagazine by Grupo aFinance comes just in time to keep you company in all these pleasures and many more, and does it loaded with topics of interest and Issues.

Besides presenting decoration ideas and the most original news in design and technology, amongst other subjects, we present to you professional projects born of the effort and passion of their architects.

So, Mertixell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech, the tandem that leads The Room Studio, reveal their secrets of creating such special atmospheres. Fashion designer Dolores Cortés tells us a little bit about her hobbies (which include her job), young Nuria Sañé opens the doors of her workshop of bags made by hand using Mexican materials and entrepreneurs Daniel Palau and Ricardo Reventós tell how their brand of shoes with hidden inserts was born.

At Grupo aFinance we have also begun new paths. We’ve launched aProperties Offices, aProperties new business division specialized in buying and renting the most exclusive office spaces in Madrid and Barcelona. This is just another step in our mission to keep growing and diversifying our services.

We hope you enjoy this issue! 

Dear friends,

We love spring! The time of year has finally come when we open the windows to feel the soft breezes of dawn and begin to enjoy our terraces and gardens. A time, too, in which fashion and interior design echo the color that already stands out in nature. From aMagazine by Grupo aFinance, we have also wanted to fill our pages with this spring vitality through a host of topics of interest and news.

 Therefore, in addition to presenting trends in decoration and looks that will jump from the catwalks to the streets, we interviewed an expert in bringing nature closer to our lives, Alejandra Coll, founder of Asilvestrada.

During the preparation of this edition (the tenth already!), we have also had the fantastic opportunity to speak to two great creators from Valencia, one of the cities to which the aFinance Group has expanded. On the one hand, the designer, Isabel Sanchis, received us in her sewing workshop with her closest collaborators, two of her children; on the other, the jewelery designer Vicente Gracia opened the doors to his studio, a space full of history and imagination.

We do not want to close this editorial without recognizing once again the good work of all the team that makes up Grupo aFinance. A team in which the figure of the real estate agent is vital; hence our interest in counting on the best.

Enjoy this edition!

Dear friends,

We are excited to welcome the new year accompanied by all of you, clients, collaborators and professionals with shared interests and spirit of improvement.

That is why we have prepared a number full of ideas for 2019, proposals from a wide range of areas, from fashion and decoration to gastronomy, craftsmanship or the business world. In these pages we echo the effort and dedication of great names of our country and others that already stand out: the brothers Javier and Álex Cottet, the designer Carolina Iriarte, the writer Julia Navarro, the architect Cristina Mas Mir, the chef Martín Berasategui ...

The vocation for their profession that all of them reveal is a feature that the aFinance Group values ​​immensely. Not in vain, it is something that translates into effort, dedication, commitment, involvement, professionalism ... Qualities that day after day we pursue from the four branches of the group.

So we dedicate our toast to continue marking and fulfilling new goals and to continue earning your support for many more years.

Happy 2019 year to all!

Bienvenidos al número estival de aMagazine by Grupo aFinance, una edición (¡la octava ya!) que hemos preparado una vez más con mucho mimo y con la voluntad de ofreceros mil y una ideas en moda, ocio, bienestar y decoración (entre muchos otros ámbitos de la vida) para que disfrutéis de un verano de lujo y paséis momentos relajados e inspiradores de lectura. Porque la ocasión se lo merece.

A lo largo de este curso hemos superado muchas metas, como el proceso de expansión de aProperties por nuestro país, abriendo una oficina en el corazón de Valencia para estar más cerca de todos vosotros.

Este crecimiento es fruto de un gran esfuerzo por parte de todos los que formamos parte de Grupo aFinance, desde asesores comerciales hasta directores de oficina, administrativos, etc. Y no es casual; tal y como os explicamos en la página 75 de este número, el mercado inmobiliario español ha consolidado su crecimiento y se ha constituido como el sector económico líder de la inversión extranjera. El sector del ladrillo crece de forma sana y atractiva, y nosotros seguiremos trabajando día a día para estar en primera línea a la hora de responder a las necesidades de este mercado y continuar dando el mejor servicio a clientes y colaboradores.

Con el deber cumplido y con muchas ganas de emprender nuevos retos a la vuelta, ahora toca disfrutar de la estación con más horas de sol. ¡Feliz verano a todos!

Dear Friends,
The spring has already come and, with her, a new number of our magazine aMagazine. 
From the Group aFinance (aProperties, aFinance, aCapital and aRetail), we like keeping on sharing with you all that that makes us grow, from daily aspects of ours every day up to challenges of big importance that we have marked ourselves and that have obtained, like the opening of new offices, without forgetting our most immediate targets.
And since it is always a good moment to celebrate those moments lived with effort and enthusiasm, let's lift the glasses and let's offer all together for the big topics that from these pages we have developed and shared throughout the latter year and a half. And let's drink also to all the new perspectives that we have left for sharing: that are great!
We are proud of having expressed our savoir faire by means of our magazine corporate and of having been able to capture and convey the values of our company in a different way, such as reading or the entertainment, without having to sit at a desk in a formal way.
Dear friends, clients and collaborators: you also are a part of this adventure of name aMagazine. Intoxicated of happiness and with the straight fortitudes, we weigh anchor again with one more number of aMagazine by Group aFinance.
Thank you very much for your support!

Dear friends,

We would firstly like to start thanking you all, including our team, once again for the confidence and support received during this year that we have left behind. Without your help and trust we could not have given life to this project; applying our talent, perseverance, responsibility and honesty our dreams have come true.

Despite the professional effort that we are all dedicating, it would be impossible without the collaboration, participation and support of all of you. This adventure also belongs to you!

At the moment we can say that the balance for 2017 for the aFinance Group (aProperties, aCapital, aFinance, aRetail) has been very positive, we have continued to grow and consolidate in the market and we want to continue in the same vein hand in hand with you. But this is not all! With great enthusiasm we can inform you that for this year we have a new business project: the opening of a new office in the City of Valencia.

Thanks to the good work done, everything has been fulfilled as we expected, everything worked out as planned and today we are pleased to share our enjoyment with you for all the achievements.

In the meantime, we start looking towards the future, anticipating what we have to do to continue improving and the desire to continue positioning ourselves as we have up until now.

Once again, THANK you all, for your trust and generous shelter given throughout this year.


Happy New Year!

Dear friends,

Welcome to the fifth edition of our magazine aMagazine by Grupo aFinance, we are back with batteries fully loaded! And we wanted to take this opportunity to make a small personal reflection after the summer, not just the holidays, because if you like your work you are always on vacation ... and share it with all of you who, after all, are the ones who every day make us better professionals, helping us to grow as a company and positioning ourselves in the real estate and financial markets as a benchmark in the sector.

Thank you for your unconditional support for joining us in this business venture, for the trust placed in us, as well as in our teams, and of course for your always constructive feedback, which has allowed us to improve on a daily basis with enthusiasm and encourages us to continue learning and striving for our common goals.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have clients, collaborators, colleagues and friends like all of you.

Thank you once again for joining us on our journey called Grupo aFinance (aProperties, aCapital, aFinance, aRetail).

Wishing  you a very good entry in the new season that we have started, that you enjoy our magazine aMagazine as much as we enjoy producing  it and looking forward to see each other again to celebrate Christmas.

Dear Friends

Welcome to the fourth edition of our journal aMagazine by Grupo aFinance. Firstly, we would like to remember our colleague Javier Saenz, Director of external relations of Prisma publications, who sadly passed away so prematurely this June.   Javier, we will never forget your vitality and commitment!

After another year of goals achieved and the further expansion of our company, we have reached the end of a period of hard but satisfying work, which makes us look forward to a summer full of pleasures and a well-deserved holiday for all our team members, as is necessary after a year’s effort and work well done, a summer to enjoy, relax and recharge energies for the coming season.

With total commitment, we establish concrete aims to work towards further improvement and to continue giving the best service possible to all our clients and collaborators.

Nevertheless, not only are we taking stock of the last season, but at Grupo aFinance we continue with new expectations, continuing to grow and expand, and with the opening of two new offices we are setting ourselves new challenges, as well as, the promise of gratification and benefits in the near future;  the offices cover the areas from the Costa del Garraf until the Costa del Maresme in the Barcelona province, enabling us to continue giving real estate and financial services to each and every one of our clients with the same enthusiasm as we have until now.

So, with our duties fulfilled, we all wish you a very happy summer!

Dear Friends

With the arrival of a new year, we also begin a new cycle, a kind of renovation in many ways within the financial and real estate sectors. This is the moment when we look back and realise all that has been achieved within the last 12 months, evaluating the efforts of our team and launching ourselves into this new stage and with a view to everything we want to achieve.

If we analise the more recent events, we will find there have been many errors but much more has been learned and commenced; such as establishing ourselves in Madrid, reaching the targets set for 2016, as well as expanding our team who with their tenacity and enthusiasm have made it possible that our way of making business should become a consolidated reality and that now we can look into the future from a strong position, to continue growing as a family as we have until now.

It is for all of these reasons and much more that Grupo aFinance has started this new year 2017 with enthusiasm and full of expectations in order to continue as until now, accomplishing our future goals together with all of you who on a daily basis trust in our know-how and make it possible, so that we may dedicate our time to what we most enjoy. To work at ease and in good company.

Thank you everyone!

Dear friends,

Welcome to the second issue of our magazine, aMagazine by Grupo aFinance.  It is a pleasure for us to let you know through this letter, that we have grown in size.  With a lot of excitement and determination, we have recently opened our office on a prestigious street in Madrid, at Calle Serrano 60, 4th floor.  The office is up and running and we are already offering all of the services of Grupo aFinance to our clients.

We have a very specific objective; to continue providing real estate and financial services to new clients and together with our personnel, we are uniting the work well done between both cities.  There is one commitment in common, which is to continue growing hand in hand.

We would like to thank Pedro Leis, Javier Merello and Rodrigo Paseiro as well as a special thanks to Javier Morán the new General Manager in Madrid, for their dedication and involvement throughout the whole process of opening this new office.

Thank you for all of your hard work and for being on the ball.  You know that you can count on all of our support and trust.

We hope that this second issue of our magazine is to your liking and while we have your attention, we would like to invite you to come and visit our new office. 

Dear friends,

First of all, if you are reading these words, we would like to give you a warm welcome to this first issue of the magazine, aMagazine from Grupo aFinance, that you have in your hands.

It is the beginning of a new and exciting adventure for us and our team.  We have put a lot of care, desire and enthusiasm into this project and with it, we expect to satisfy the needs of our clients and readers in order to be able to offer an informative, enjoyable and entertaining demand.

Our objective is to address and transmit, in depth, all of the topics related to a lifestyle with which we feel, in a certain way, identified by editing a magazine that has an elegant touch and easy reading.

We want to finish this letter by giving our thanks to all of the people who make up Grupo aFinance because without them, possibly this idea would never have become a reality.  Also, we would like to express our appreciation to those people that have placed their trust in us and especially to Grupo Prisa for its professionalism and work.

To all of our readers, we would like to give you a special welcome and we wish you as much enjoyment reading this magazine as we have had preparing it.